Miroslav Lucan

Czechoslovakian born Artist, Designer and Photographer specialising in Live Art, Murals and Street Style Illustration, living and working in South West UK ( London, Bournemouth, Poole ).

After having spent last 15 years working predominantly as a technical illustrator, Mirek is now taking this skill and applying it to projects and murals on much larger scale. Working as a live artist at the events also allows for provoking a reaction from the crowd, and so many projects are touch on the issues around the world, whether in political way or filled with humour.
Apart from taking illustration to street art, Mirek also creates bespoke walls and installations for private clients and companies, both indoors/outdoors.

Providing visual facilitation for businesses, councils and local governments on a national scale, Mirek is available for live illustration at meetings, bringing new, creative and often very surprising element, making participants leave with the lasting visual memory and graphics to be used for future presentations.