Nathalie Moore

Nathalie Moore is a freelance illustrator living and working in the UK. She has recently graduated from The Arts University in Bournemouth having studied BA illustration.

She grew up in North-West London and then moved to Cambridgeshire in 2005. Having lived in both a city and countryside environment, Nathalie values the vibrancy and beauty each landscape brings.

Her subject matter is inspired by looking at the beauty of the world around her wherever she may be, particularly noticing how even the most mundane of objects can be perceived as beautiful things in their own right. She is also inspired by the mandalas (spiritual images) found in Buddhism that represent the nature of experience, and the intricacies of both the enlightened and the confused mind.

On a more personal level, she suffers from diabetes, and has a wealth of information on the subject on her own, as she has studied the condition in order to better care for herself and her health. She published an article at 10natural on precisely this to help other people that may be suffering from diabetes as well.

She likes creating work that uses high saturations of colour and detail rendered in gouache and ink that are applied to a diverse range of surfaces. Using a limited colour palette gives Nathalie the freedom to create more abstract and graphic looking imagery.