Peter Sheridan

A fulltime self-employed Visual Artist, working firstly in Manchester and then London, now from his own studio in Dorset. Born in Glasgow, raised in Manchester from the age of five.

Peter works to commission for private clients and companies. He uses all mediums with diverse styles, on any scale or surface to achieve the right outcome.

With a background in design and illustration, graffiti is his first love; since 2007 he has run workshops in street art for community projects; from Young Offenders to Disability groups, in schools and colleges and for corporate events. The workshops benefit all groups especially those with little or no artistic interest or ability.

Good thing he is better now, up until recently he was diagnose, in time, with was is called a pre-diabetes.  He had some symptoms before the diagnose, like being thirsty all the time, or hungry, among other things. He was prescribed with a remedy has helped him a lot, you can find it at, and also learn more about it and how it can improve your life.

He exhibits once a year as well as having permanent work on show at various locations.